highstreet General Systems and Network Engineering Service

The highstreet General Systems and Network Engineering Service is intended to support network operators and equipment manufacturers on a technical level. With many years of experience with transport networks highstreet technologies can assist in technology evaluation, standardization, requirements engineering, system design, technical sales, RFI/RFQ preparation and evaluation, and network integration. Just have a look at the service flyer for some examples of what the highstreet General Systems and Network Engineering Service may comprise.


highstreet Network Simulation Service

The highstreet Network Simulation Service is provided in close collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science of the Freie Universität Berlin. The service is characterized by its unprecedented accuracy and virtually unlimited scalability in terms of network size. In addition to pure simulation both the network as well as the applications running on it are optimized for superior performance. The service flyer introduces of few examples of how the highstreet Network Simulation Service improves the network performance.


highstreet Digital Circuit Design Service

Besides its IP-Core products highstreet technologies offers the highstreet Digital Circuit Design Service. Digital circuitry is developed for FPGA and ASIC technology. More information can be found in the service flyer.


highstreet Hardware Development Service

For rapid prototyping, development environments, test beds, and service tools highstreet technologies quickly develops PCBs, adapters, and other mechatronics. See more about this service in the flyer.


highstreet Software Development Service

highstreet technologies develops embedded software, e.g. for telecommunications equipment, element and network management systems, and network planning tools. See the flyer for the expertise of highstreet technologies‘ software engineers.


highstreet System and Network Test Service

highstreet technologies disposes of a group of test engineers who are experienced in the test of hardware and software, of modules and complete systems. They are able to perform acceptance tests and to carry out field trials.


highstreet Intellectual Property Rights Service

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are amongst the most valuable assets in today’s knowledge-based economy. The highstreet Intellectual Property Rights Service improves the IPR position of communications service providers and equipment vendors. See the service flyer what it actually comprises.