Research and Innovation

With a long history of research programs, we are a trusted partner in laboratory and field evaluations of 5G use cases, and demonstrations of platform and supplier capability.

System Integration & Consultancy

Network disaggregation enables multi-vendor drop-in capability, but you still need a single accountable partner to ensure your solution is effective and efficient.  We offer vendor-independent, consultancy and accountability to ensure the success of your new network.

Software Development

With specialist developers at our fingertips, we’re ready to work with you to close your gap between customer requirements and platform capability.  We contribute to the evolution of open-source and proprietary environments through our research programs and supplier engagements, such as our Microwave Controller rApp plug-in for ONAP.

Testing & Evaluation

A solution is only as good as the supporting verification of performance.  With access to Germany’s largest evaluation network that integrates the i14y labs, 5G Berlin and the OSNL we can provide independent validation of Open RAN and ONAP capability or assist you in standing up your own test labs.