highstreet PTP Hardware Assist

highstreet technologies develops IP-Cores for the use in telecommunications equipment. The first already available IP-Core is the highstreet PTP Hardware Assist. It provides hardware support for equipment implementing the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) acc. to the IEEE Standard 1588. For a description of the highstreet PTP Hardware Assist please have a look at the product flyer.


highstreet ML605 Interface Adapter

Xilinx‘ Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit is well suited for testing digital circuitry. Whereas the Virtex-6 family members dispose of a large number of high speed interfaces, the ML605 Evaluation Kit provides external access to just one of them. Whenever access to more than one of these interfaces is needed the highstreet ML605 Interface Adapter comes in handy. This module can be plugged into the FMC socket of the ML605 Evaluation Kit, thus providing access to up to eight highspeed interfaces.